"Road Trip
Bible Timeline ©"

Class Description:  Bible Teacher and author Dr Sonny Fox presents a Bible Study Class titled "The Road Trip Bible Timeline ©."  Participants receive a free 2 page color workbook that demonstrates how the Old and New Testaments are a unified story about where Jesus is, and what He is doing along the bible timeline.  We will go from the Garden of Eden, thru the Flood, up the tower of Babel, then to the call of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph. We will then follow Moses across the Red Sea and listen as the judges and prophets warn the Nation of Israel to follow the Law or suffer the consequences. Next we will follow the 33 year life of Jesus, followed by the 2,000 year history of the Christian Church, ending up with the eventual and soon return of Christ for His church, and then His rule and reign here on earth for 1,000 years.  You can download the single page color worksheet HERE

Class Length:
It takes as long as it takes!

What to Bring to Class:
A Bible (your owners manual), a teachable attitude, and a friend

What we Provide: A free 2 page color workbook to help guide each participant thru the story of redemption as presented in the Christian Bible. If you would like to take a look at the class workbook before the class starts, you can view or download the pdf color workbook HERE

E-Mail Dr Sonny at drparable@cox.net or text him at 619-334-9700

Bible Class/YouTube Lesson Sheets

First Adam... Last Adam

2nd Coming (Matthew and Luke)

3 Days Statements

4 Things the Holy Spirit Does

5 Millennial Kingdom Populations

7 Messages to the Churches... Jesus and Paul

8 Covenants in the Scriptures

10 Reasons for the Trials of Life

12 Areas of Judgment for Christians

Genesis Starts... Revelation Completes

Genesis and Revelation (Hebrew Names)

Holy Spirit - GOD, Person, Names

Nicodemus and the Samaritan Woman

Rapture and the Second Coming


Satan and Absalom Comparison

Spiritual Warfare between God and Satan

Satan's Strategies to Kill the Messiah (OT and NT)

The Two Gardens

The Two Widow Mites

Tower of Babel

Truth vs Error (1st John)