"Dr. Sonny's Biography"

Sonny Fox, Ph.D.
Bible Teacher and Author
Recovering Bozo
El Cajon, CA
Married to Linda Lou Blaemers Fox (my angel!)

Ministry Preparation (my necessary time in the wilderness)

Ph.D., in Brokenness,
1992 to Present
I graduated from high school in 1966.  I was dirt poor and angry.  I thought (wrongly) that I would one day be happy if I just worked hard and owned lots of "stuff".  It took me a while, but in 1992 I got my wish.  I had it all... impressive career, maximum education, and lots and lots of stuff!  I looked down from my mountain top and declared to the world that I had arrived!!

But God had other plans... HE took everything away from me; He put me on my deathbed... for 30 months!  I was waiting and wanting to die.  When HE finally had me where HE wanted me, thoroughly broken, HE slowly replaced only the things that I would need to do HIS will.  In September 2007, GOD called me to use the gifts previously used by me, for me, to now be used by HIM, through me (read Daniel Chapter 4 for a similar testimony).

Ministry Call

The First Call came in September, 2007: Present the Gospel using Motorsports Parables (Motorsports Chaplain)

By the Grace of God, I was Ordained as a Christian Minister in January 2008 Chaplain Fellowship Ministries, International

The Second Call came in June, 2013:
Present the Gospel using the Road Trip Bible Timeline (Bible Teacher and Author)

Formal Education (now used by HIM, through me)

Ph.D., Human Development
, 1992
Fielding Graduate University, Santa Barbara, CA  93105
Dissertation - Meaning and Action: What eventually could happen during your lifetime if you choose to build your life around something other than Christ

MA, Humanities, 1986
California State University, Dominquez Hills, Carson, CA  90747
Thesis - Distributive Justice: What eventually could happen during your lifetime if something is given to you (other than Christian salvation) without being earned

BS, Education, 1983
Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL  62901
Senior Project: Distance Learning Technology

Christian Education Seminar Presentations
A New Creation: The interaction within the Creator's Spheres of Obedience; presented to The Society for Christian Psychology Third Annual Conference in Nashville, TN, Sept., 2007
Connected 24/7: A Strategy to Present the Gospel 24/7 using Motorsports/Automotive Parables; presented at the Chaplain Fellowship Ministries, International, 5th Annual Conference in Oklahoma City, OK, Sept., 2008
Road Trip Bible Timeline: Illustrating the Gospel as a 7,000 year, one lap "Road Trip to Redemption"; presented at the Chaplain Fellowship Ministries, International, 6th Annual Conference in Killeen, TX, Sept., 2009
Bipolar By God (part of Dr Sonny's Testimony) Dr Sonny gives his testimony to various Christian audiences regarding how his adult onset Bipolar1 Disorder has ultimately been used for the Glory of God and how his testimony might help reduce the devastating social stigma associated with any genetic mental disorder

U.S. Navy Nuclear Engineering and Technology Training

1968 to 1994: Nuclear Submarine Reactor Operation and Maintenance, Physics, Chemistry,  Thermodynamics, Marine Geology, Hydraulics, High Pressure Welding, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, Compressed Air and other Gases, Liquid Nitrogen and Oxygen, Steam Generating Plant Inspector, and Diesel and Gas Turbine Propulsion Systems

Current Position (used by HIM, through me)

Driving thru the Bible: President, Bible Teacher and Author Sept 30, 2007 to Present
  • Dr Sonny teaches the Road Trip Bible Timeline class for Unbelievers, New Believers, and anyone new to the Bible.
  • Dr Sonny teaches a Decision Making in the Bible class designed to help participants discover what they currently have chosen to be the highest priority in their life and how that choice of highest priority can impact every other part of their life (Luke 12:34)
Former Positions

, Inc., Founder and President
Dec 1994 to Dec 2010   Team POSSIBILITIES is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to helping motorsports families and youth learn basic life skills and how to work together as a team.  The organization conducted NHRA Junior Drag Racing from Sept. 25th 1995 - Sept. 1st 2010 in San Diego, CA.

27 Year Navy Career (mostly Wood, Hay, and Stubble: 1st Corinthians 3:11-15)

From March 1968 to April 1977 Dr. Sonny was an enlisted engineer, serving as a nuclear reactor operator, chief nuclear machinist, and high pressure welder on nuclear submarines and submarine repair ships.  He was commissioned as a Naval Officer in April 1977 and served 18 years as an Engineer Officer.  Dr. Sonny traveled extensively throughout the world during his 27 year naval career, visiting 36 countries and territories, experiencing many cultures and world views. A diagnoses in 1994 of adult onset genetic Bipolar Disorder 1 meant that he could no longer remain on active duty.