"Decision Making
in the Bible

Class Description:  Bible Teacher and author Dr Sonny Fox presents a one hour Bible Study Class titled "Decision Making in the Bible ©."  Participants receive a free color worksheet that demonstrates how both Old and New Testament characters went about making decisions, how those decisions impacted their lives, and what we can learn today from their decision making mistakes made in the past.

Class Length: It takes as long as it takes!

What to Bring to Class:
A Bible (your owners manual), a teachable attitude, and a friend

What we Provide: A free color worksheet to help guide each participant thru the Decision Making process presented in the Christian Bible. If you would like to take a look at the worksheet before the class starts, you can view the worksheet below or download the color pdf worksheet HERE

E-Mail Dr Sonny at drparable@cox.net or text him at 619-334-9700