"Board of Directors"

Board of Trustees

GOD, the Father: Chairman
Residence: 3rd Heaven

GOD, the Son: Fund Raising
Residence: 3rd Heaven ... sits at the Right Hand of the Father

GOD, the Holy Spirit: Internal Affairs
Residence: Inside each Believer

Board of Directors

Sonny Fox, Ph.D. Biography

Bible Teacher and Author
Recovering Bozo
San Diego, CA

Eric Ball
Executive Director
Commercial and Express Printing
San Diego, CA

Matthew Leslie, CPA

General Partner
Accounting and Tax Services

San Diego, CA

Jeff Carver, Attorney
45 Year Practice
General Legal Counsel
San Diego, CA

Board of Accountability for the President

Linda Lou Blaemers Fox
Wife, Sweetheart, and Best Friend
Walks Softly
Carries a Big Stick!

Bill Tagney
Owner, San Diego Superchargers

High Performance Engine Builder
Lakeside, CA

Eden Donahou, MA
Mathematics Education Neuroscience
Cambridge College, Boston, MA
Professor of Mathematics, Florida State University
Lake Mary, FL

Eric Ball
Commercial and Express Printing
San Diego, CA

Pastor Bob Winterton Jr., Th.D.
Senior Pastor
Trinity Baptist Church
El Cajon, CA

Terry Ulmer
Commander, Mopar Ranch
Alpine, CA